Core Concepts


“Become a More Focused and Effective Leader”

“Efficiency is doing things right, and effectiveness is doing the right things.” –Peter Drucker

Core Concepts:

                L – LEADERSHIP               “Lead Yourself Before You Lead Others”

                E – ENVISIONING             “Know Where You Are Headed”   

                A – ACTION                         “Have a Plan and Work It”

                D – DETERMINATION     “Stay Energized and On-Target”

                E – EXCELLENCE               “Choose the Path of Excellence”

                R – RHYTHM                        “Maintain a Healthy Rhythm”


Foundational Truths: 

  1. As goes the leader, so goes the organization (family, business, team, church, school, government, military, etc.).
  2. Every person has a dream, a hunch of why they are here, and a deep desire to fulfill that purpose.
  3. Where you want to be is more important than where you are.  Progress is possible.
  4. Passion is the inner fire that keeps us motivated and focused.
  5. Aiming for excellence is both fulfilling and contagious.
  6. Life is meant to be lived in a rhythmic, fluid motion.