WLG assists senior leaders in creating a culture of leadership excellence characterized by a compelling vision, organizational alignment, and peak performers.  Though our approach is customized to each situation, many organizations utilize WLG for:

Leadership Training: We target our training to fit the needs of your organization.  We have a variety of “training modules” from which you can choose.  We will work with you to determine how to best train and develop your people.  Dr. Wilson is often asked to train or speak on a variety of topics including, “Successfully Managing Change,” “How to Motivate and Lead Yourself,” and “The Amazing Power of Synergy and Teams.”  (Click here for a complete list of topics).

Leadership Assessments: Though we have access to almost every instrument and tool, including a variety of 360’s, we frequently use the Seven Pillars and Signature Leaders to assess and develop leaders throughout an organization because of their depth and effectiveness.

Leadership Roundtables: Roundtables are designed to help high impact leaders sharpen their professional skills in twelve strategic areas.  Roundtables can occur either exclusive to your organization, or your leaders can attend Roundtables with leaders from other industries.

Leadership Insights:  Leadership Insights supply leaders the “nuggets” from various books/articles on leadership along with penetrating, action-oriented questions that stimulate reflection and application.  We agree with Norman Vincent Peal who said, “Change your thoughts and you can change your world.”  A properly fueled engine delivers more power; and so does a properly fueled mind.

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