Delivering a Tough Message

In April of 2010, one of the largest environmental disasters in history took place in the Gulf of Mexico with the explosion, oil spill, and lives lost in the Deepwater Horizon rig tragedy. In the aftermath of this catastrophe, the CEO of British Petroleum, Tony Hayward, characterized the spill as “rather tiny” in comparison to […]

Make Each Day Your Masterpiece

“MAKE EACH DAY YOUR MASTERPIECE” is the title Coach Wooden gave to his chapter on time management in his book Wooden on Leadership.  Consider his comments. “Activity—to produce real results—must be organized and executed meticulously. Otherwise, it’s no different from children running around the playground at recess…. kids running around, lots of movement, but little achievement.” […]

A Culture of Trust, Inside and Out

A PricewaterhouseCoopers study of corporate innovation among the Financial Times 100 showed that the number one differentiating factor between the top innovators and the bottom innovators was trust. The very first step is understanding that trust isn’t based on what the company is doing; it’s based on what its leaders are doing. In Traction, Gino Wickman […]

Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity

The sub-title of David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, is “The Art of Stress Free Productivity.” I like that! He maintains that one of the reasons we are stressed is that we have many unfinished tasks and projects, and our minds are continually mulling over what needs to be done. He suggests three steps to […]

Top Ten Goals of a Leader

What makes a leader a leader? Here are some excellent reminders of what a leader is and isn’t:  The goal of a leader isn’t to get something out of people but rather to invest in them, to help them reach their potential and fulfill their dreams! The goal of a leader isn’t to DO all of […]

As You Think So You Are

What do you think of you? “As you think, so you are.” What you think of you greatly impacts your leadership effectiveness. A healthy self-image goes a long way toward improving performance. Sports psychologists and mental coaches train students to see themselves succeeding. Olympic athletes envision desired outcomes. Your thoughts affect your performance. Numerous studies […]

Moving Forward With Confidence

Exceptional leaders are willing to assume full responsibility for their situations. They waste no time blaming others or their environment. They quickly assess and respond to what needs to be done. They bring order to chaos and inspire others to follow, even in the face of daunting adversity. Roger Conners and Tom Smith share the […]

Change Your Attitude

The first person you lead is yourself, and a huge part of leading yourself is in your choice of attitude. “I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.”     -Booker T. […]

Great Purpose

In Common Purpose, Joel Kurtzman writes, “Organizations are in flux, and so is leadership.  Whether we like it or not, organizations will continue to become flatter, more technological, and more global. . . . I believe that as organizations evolve, the power of common purposewill become‘the factor’that differentiates winning organizations from those left behind.  It […]

Take a Walk

On June 5, 1944 (often referred to as D-Day minus 1), General Dwight D. Eisenhower spoke to paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division at Greenham Common Airfield (you’ve probably seen the iconic photos of the paratroopers all geared up with greased faces).  Just hours before in his command post near Portsmouth, England, Gen. Eisenhower had […]