Leadership Roundtables


Leadership Roundtables are designed to help high impact leaders sharpen their professional skills in at least 12 strategic areas (self-leadership, excellence, communication, vision/ passion, team-building/leading, decision-making, execution, priorities/time-management, creative-thinking, managing change, conflict resolution, determination/resilience).


1.  Leadership Roundtables within your organization

  • Existing Teams or Boards
  • Leaders from various teams

2.  Leadership Roundtables with leaders from other industries

In contrast with the typical leadership seminars, the Leadership Roundtable format facilitates consistent development among a group of peers over a one year period of time.  It’s comparable to having 12 mini- workshops covering key aspects of leadership with an emphasis on application and sustainability.  More than 80 leadership lessons are delivered weekly via email.  Any leader can read the latest  book on leadership or watch a leadership webinar.  The value of the LR is in the discussion and dialogue with peers.  Dr. Wilson and other Roundtable facilitators are skilled in stimulating transformational conversations.

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