Businesses and various groups often ask Dr. Wilson to train or speak on the topics below.  Each module can be presented individually or combined to fit an off-site scenario.


  • Three Skills for Finishing Strong
  • The Four Primary Leadership Styles  (Situational Leadership)
  • How to Keep Your Head in the Game – Attitude and Focus
  • Successfully Managing Change – Learning to Adapt
  • How to Succeed in Life and Work – Discovering Freedom in the Balanced Life
  • Five “Creative-Thinking” Principles that will Change Your Life & Business
  • Improving Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Who Are You and What Makes you Tick?  It All Starts with Knowing Yourself
  • Where Are You Going and Why?  Drawing Your Own Picture of Success
  • Letting Go of What Holds You Back
  • How to Burn Brightly Without Burning Out
  • The Amazing  Power of Synergy and Teams (Based on Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team)
  • How to Maximize Energy and Stay Fully Engaged (Passion and Drive)
  • The Urgency Effect – the Key to Focus and Getting Things Done
  • Grow Your Business by Growing Yourself  (As you go, so go others)
  • Excelling in Customer Service   (Simple Truths of Service)

(Sample four-part series)

“Swimming Against the Stream”

Keep Your Head in the Game

  • Themes:  staying positive, eliminating doubt, managing stress, determination

It’s Time to Think Outside the Box

  • Themes:  change the way you think, work smarter, risk failing, perspective

The Urgency Effect: the Key to Focus and Getting Things Done

  • Themes:  act now, seize the moment, manage your energy, goal setting

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

  • Themes:  passion, enthusiasm, listening, go the extra mile, excellence

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